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We’re In The Science Of Improving Lives

BrainBeat training is supported by more than a decade of scientific research around child development and learning. Below are just a few of the studies that prove how BrainBeat can significantly improve performance and behavioral skills with kids of all ages.

10+ Years
of Research

Communication Disorders Quarterly, Baylor University Study

In this study, kids in grades 2 through 5 who received training outperformed those who did not in reading and language rate, fluency and comprehension.

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Hardy Brain Camp,
Boys & Girls Clubs

This groundbreaking afterschool program reveals how the technology behind BrainBeat made a big impact on reading, math and learning speed in students from grades 2 through 8.

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American Journal of Occupational Therapy

A study in pre-teen boys showed statistically significant improvement in attention and concentration, language processing, reading and math skills, and lowered impulsive behavior using BrainBeat technology.

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High/Scope Press

This study reveals how brain timing plays an important role in a child’s development and academic performance.

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Psychology in the Schools

This highly significant study involved more than 400 kids who demonstrated exceptional improvements in reading, math and language fluency using BrainBeat.

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