The Story of

James Cassily

The Story of BrainBeat

The story of BrainBeat actually goes all the way back to 1992 when James Cassily, a successful record producer and engineer, for artists such as Bob Seeger and Janis Joplin, created a device to help musicians with timing and rhythm.

Surprisingly, the device also proved to have positive effects on people’s focus and coordination skills.

The device was called “Interactive Metronome”.

The Goal of Interactive Metronome

The purpose of the original 1993 PC-based Interactive Metronome was “to help athletes and musicians improve their timing, rhythmicity, coordination and focus.”

However, it was quickly discovered that training with this physically and aurally interactive system yielded unprecedented improvement in children with debilitating cognitive and physical based disorders.

The purpose of the original 1993 PC-based Interactive Metronome was “to help athletes and musicians improve their timing, rhythmicity, coordination and focus.”
Dr. Stanley Greenspan / IM is Patented

Dr. Stanley Greenspan / IM is Patented

Jim shared his results with Dr. Stanley Greenspan, a leading child psychiatrist, author and director at the National Institute of Mental Health, whose insights into childhood development complemented Cassily’s theories about sequentially timed learning.

Together, they worked on refining the device’s capabilities and eventually named it Interactive Metronome® (IM).

The device was subsequently patented and the Interactive Metronome company was formed.

From Musicians to Children

The first IM beta test wasn’t with musicians. At the urging of Jim’s doctor, It was with children who had severe motor skill development problems, and with a man who had suffered a traumatic brain injury which destroyed much of the motor control area of his brain.

Everyone involved in the initial IM beta training quickly realized that the Interactive Metronome had profound human learning and analytical capabilities that went far beyond its original limited intent.

BrainBeat From Musicians to Children
BrainBeat for Learning Disabilities and Rehab

From Learning Disabilities to Rehab Tool

Interactive Metronome (IM) was later found to have great benefit to children diagnosed with learning and developmental disorders.

Over the years, clinical research, scientific studies and therapeutic practice has shown that IM is also beneficial for the rehabilitation of adults following stroke, brain injury, a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, or other neurological disorder.

Performance Enhancer

Interactive Metronome expanded its application and reach into mainstream applications for sports and academic performance.

Performance at the highest levels requires millisecond response time and split second decision making.

Professional and amateur athletes use IM to give them the edge they need to perform at their best!

Adult baseball pitcher throwing a baseball

Peer Reviewed Studied

IM has more than 40 published peer-reviewed research studies and white papers to date.

Backed by prominent leaders in the medical industry, IM has gained national attention as a breakthrough intervention to help clients increase attention & concentration, motor control & coordination, language processing and control of impulsivity.

Today, there are more 40,000 certified IM Providers in over 60 countries. The intervention has helped over 1 million clients achieve their therapy goals. Each day these numbers grow and the technology continues to help more and more people in need succeed.

Studied & Used by the Nation’s Leading Institutions

BrainBeat is IM Technology for Home Use 

Believing everyone could benefit from better focus, Interactive Metronome decided to made the technology widely available to consumers as a cognitive trainer through a direct to consumer product called it “BrainBeat”.

Interactive Metronome has worked tirelessly to strike the right balance between science, motivation and fun. BrainBeat is highly engaging and designed by some of the top game designers in the industry!

Today, the science behind BrainBeat is not only supported by more than 20 years of scientific research, it’s also kid-tested and parent-approved.

BrainBeat User

Is BrainBeat right for my child?

Help Your Child Achieve Success!

BrainBeat is a unique home-training system that improves attention, organization, coordination, behavior, grades and so much more!

BrainBeat allows parents to actively participate in and closely monitor their child’s progress and see the gains they are making in real-time.

Celebrate as a family as your child achieves new milestones and beat their high scores, and most importantly enjoy the transformation and improvements you witness in your child.

With BrainBeat, you become your child’s biggest fan, supporting and encouraging them to be all they can be.