Benefits of BrainBeat...

Why BrainBeat?

Learn why BrainBeat can help any child!
group of children between 5 - 14

What is the Recommended Age Range for BrainBeat?

The BrainBeat system is designed for children between the ages of 5-14, though older teens and adults who enjoy video games can also achieve substantial benefits.

If your child loves video games, they will love BrainBeat! Unlike traditional gaming systems, BrainBeat actually improves your child’s cognitive and physical performance!

BrainBeat Can Help These Problem Areas…

BrainBeat Has Been Shown to Help with these Problem Areas

  • lack of attention & focus
  • easily distracted
  • doesn’t appear to hear me
  • difficulty multitasking
  • cannot follow a routine
  • impulsive
  • temper tantrums / outbursts
  • lack of attention /easily distracted
  • in their own world
  • doesn’t complete homework
  • doesn’t follow directions
  • lack of organization
  • poor coordination
  • clumsy
  • awkward
  • poor spatial awarness
  • doesn’t get picked for the
  • team accident proneness
  • poor grades
  • lack of interest
  • loses interest in assignments
  • falling behind at school
  • trouble completing homework
  • easily distracted in class
  • disorganized
  • frequently loses things
  • takes incorrect sequences of action
  • poor decision making
  • problems organizing thoughts
  • issues with managing time
  • unregulated emotions
  • difficulty making friends
  • difficulty making eye contact
  • socially awkward
  • frustrated easily or frequently
  • doesn’t read body language well

Conditions BrainBeat Can Help…

BrainBeat May Help with These Specific Conditions

  • unregualted emotions
  • behavioral issues
  • social issues
  • lack of attention & focus
  • can’t filter out distractions
  • anxiety
  • problems reading/ writing
  • difficulty with math
  • poor memory
  • trouble following directions
  • problems telling time
  • problems staying organized
  • ADHD
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Developmental Delays
  • Dyslexia
  • APD (Auditory Processing Disorder)
  • SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder)

BrainBeat is a Natural Performance Enhancer too!

BrainBeat Can Give Your Child an “Unfair” Advantage in These Areas!

  • improve & sharpen focus
  • better organizational skills
  • better memory speed & retention
  • increase learning speed
  • improvements in time management
  • gives them a cognitive boost
  • improved balance & coordination
  • better brain/body connectivity
  • faster response times
  • more repetitive consistency
  • improved timing of movements
  • better timing & rhythm

Is BrainBeat right for my child?

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Help Your Child Achieve Success!

With BrainBeat, you now have a scientifically-based, non-invasive, drug-free tool to help your child overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. The rewards are priceless! Try BrainBeat risk free today!

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