What is BrainBeat?

BrainBeat system components

Help Your Child Achieve More!

BrainBeat is a therapeutic, at-home training system designed to improve a child’s focus, attention, grades, coordination, behavior and more. 

BrainBeat’s specially designed video games guide your child through fun & engaging physical & cognitive exercises shown to improve focus, brain synchronization, memory, and mental speed.

Training with BrainBeat has been shown in numerous studies to bring about a range of improvements in human ability and performance.

Help Your Child Achieve Success! *Father and son giving each other five in celebration*
BrainBeat From Musicians to Children

Backed by Science

BrainBeat is based on the research-backed medical technology called Interactive Metronome (IM)

IM has been studied by the nation’s leading institutions and used clinically for 20+ years by over 40,000 professional clinicians around the world. 

This powerful brain-body technology is also used to help rehabilitate adults after traumatic brain injuries, strokes, and other neurological diseases. 

Check out the science behind Interactive Metronome

Studied & Used by the Nation’s Leading Institutions


Improves Brain Regulation

BrainBeat is a unique and powerful, foundational intervention that works at helping your child’s brain become more regulated and efficient. So what does this actually mean? A regulated brain is in better control; it can focus and filter our distractions. It can process information quickly and react fast. It can quickly take in information, process it, and take the right actions. It is less prone to frustration and outbursts. Proper brain regulation is fundamental. It holds the keys to succeeding in any endeavor, whether it’s getting better grades, being able to focus better, communicating more efficiently, having stronger coordination skills, staying organized, getting along with others, and feeling confident. 

How Does BrainBeat Training Work?

BrainBeat uses immersive video games to train the brain to coordinate actions against time, by getting your child to clap in tune with a beat at just the right speed – not too early or too late. This strengthens the brain-body connection, leading to improvements in memory, attention, coordination, and reaction time. Through repetition the brain adapts to the challenges presented and rewires itself (neuroplasticity). This leads to a wide range of cognitive improvements as well as enhancements in focus, reaction time & coordination.

group of children between 5 - 14

What is the Recommended Age Range for BrainBeat?

The BrainBeat system is designed for children between the ages of 5-14, though older teens and adults who enjoy video games can also achieve substantial benefits.

If your child loves video games, they will love BrainBeat! Unlike traditional gaming systems, BrainBeat actually improves your child’s cognitive and physical performance!

Getting Results with BrainBeat

The technology in BrainBeat has been clinically shown to produce remarkable results when practiced 15-20 minutes per day, 3-4 days per week during the BrainBeat program. Developing any new skill takes time and effort; rewiring the brain requires the regular stimulation that occurs during your child’s weekly training sessions. 

BrainBeat gives YOU the tools and technology professionals have used for decades. While BrainBeat is fun and engaging, it can be challenging as your child is challenged to push through their limitations and achieve their next higher level of performance. Cheer them on, reward, and encourage them to complete the entire BrainBeat program to get the full benefits available! 

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Questions about BrainBeat orders and usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions?

We’ve answered the most common questions in our FAQ.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section!

Why BrainBeat?

Learn why BrainBeat can help any child!

Is BrainBeat right for my child?

What’s Included in the BrainBeat System?

Learn more about the complete BrainBeat system.

What’s in the Box?

There are 4 main components to BrainBeat:

  1. The Beat Box
  2. The software you install on your computer
  3. The hand strap with beat button
  4. Headphones
The BrainBeat package includes a beat box, software, hand strap, beat button and headphones.
BrainBeat games are backed by science.

Games Backed by Science!

BrainBeat comes with 14 exciting and interactive game “worlds”.

Each world has a different theme designed to keep your child engaged and challenged.

The more games they play, the better they get.

Engaging In-Game Coaching

Nigel is our in-game coach and will guide your child through the 14 different gaming worlds.

He’ll coach and encourage your child to improve and he’ll help your child earn game badges.

Nigel provides encouragement and motivation to complete the entire BrainBeat training program.

BrainBeat uses engaging in-game coaching.
Oversee your child's progress via the cloud.

Oversee Your Child’s Progress

The cloud-connected interactive features of BrainBeat gives you the power to monitor and help your child succeed.

Get a birds eye view of your child’s progress. Monitor progress, celebrate their wins and give them the encouragement they need to achieve more.

The BrainBeat cloud has been carefully designed with the parent in mind, so your child can get the most out of the BrainBeat system.

The Parent’s Dashboard

  • get a birds-eye view of their progress & training
  • receive real-time notifications of their progress
  • monitor your child’s compliance
  • see their improvements in real-time
  • see the badges they’ve earned & games they’ve completed
  • see how well they are doing relative to their peers
  • receive coaching emails to encourage them to continue!
  • celebrate their achievements & encourage them
  • watch them change before your eyes
BrainBeat dashboard gives you all the access you need.
BrainBeat Email Coaching

Email Coaching

As your child embarks on BrainBeat training, they will need help, support and guidance and you will need to understand what they are doing and how it all works.

Our email coaching system provides you with tips and updates about your child’s progress and how you can help them to get the most out of BrainBeat.

It also helps you become more familiar with the system, so you can coach your child to new heights of achievement!

The children who do best with BrainBeat have a supportive person, cheering them on. That’s why we’ve created this all new, engaging email coaching system.

Parents Love BrainBeat Because it Works!

BrainBeat Product Reviews

Achieving Success with BrainBeat is Easy…

Kids practice 10-20 minutes per session, 3-4x per week with the goal of completing all 14 game worlds.

As your child progresses through the game, you’ll see their brain-timing scores improve!
Our in-game coach, Nigel, offers expert guidance and support to keep your child motivated!

His friendly British accent keeps things lively, interesting and relatable.
Scores and progress are displayed in the dashboard in charts and graphs so you can easily monitor progress.

Use the Improvement Tracker to see gains in attention, organization, behavior and coordination.
Each day introduces a new world to conquer designed to improve your child’s focus.

As their scores improve, kids earn a variety of badges and receive visual and verbal feedback as encouragement.
After completing the 14-day training program, kids can keep using BrainBeat to keep sharp & get even better!

Many use it to sharpen up for important moments like competitive sports, life challenges & school tests.
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Help Your Child Achieve Success!

With BrainBeat, you now have a scientifically-based, non-invasive, drug-free tool to help your child overcome the obstacles that are holding them back. The rewards are priceless! Try BrainBeat risk free today!

BrainBeat use is shown to improve focus and timing. *Parent helping two children study*