Rebate Offer

Get a FULL REBATE on Your Software Upgrade!

To qualify for a rebate on your software, you must:

Software Upgrade Offer

We're excited for you to upgrade to the new BrainBeat 2.0 software, and we're even more excited to offer you the opportunity to receive this software upgrade for FREE!

Steps to Take

  1. Simply purchase the BrainBeat 2.0 software upgrade using the coupon code: upgrademe to get $100 off BrainBeat 2.0 software price. (was $249, now only $149 with the coupon code!) 
  2. Then complete the BrainBeat 2.0 program and come back to this page and apply for the rebate offer. 

Apply For Your Rebate

To be eligible for a rebate, you must submit all the below-required information along with a testimonial. 

We offer three rebate levels, depending on the type of testimonial you provide. See below for details:

  • Video testimonials qualify for a full rebate of $149. (video should show child using the BrainBeat training device)
  • Written testimonials with a photo qualify for a $99 rebate. (photo should show adult or child with the BrainBeat device visible)
  • Written testimonials without a photo qualify for a $49 rebate.

NOTE: All rebate applications are subject to review and approval from BrainBeat. If approved, please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your rebate after submitting your rebate form. Please contact if you have any questions about the status of your rebate.