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Minimize Distraction. Maximize Potential.

Every kid can flourish with better focus. With BrainBeat, it’s an approach that delivers tangible results. Through better focus and timing, BrainBeat has been proven to enhance skills such as problem-solving, concentration, multi-tasking and more. Here are just a few areas where kids have benefited from BrainBeat training.

Studies have shown that BrainBeat can IMPROVE READING AND MATH skills by as much as 20%*.

BrainBeat has been proven to improve kids’ ability to:

  • Pay attention by 30%*
  • Listen by 32%*
  • Organize and communicate ideas by 30%*
  • Manage frustration by 27%*

*Academic and Behavioral Improvements. Hardy Brain Camp (2011)

Academic Performance

  • Homework productivity and completion
  • Reading and math fluency
  • Language processing
  • Memory recall
  • Organization and multitasking
  • Problem-solving

Social Interactions

  • Engagement with peers and family members
  • Classroom behavior and participation
  • Overall communication
  • Sports and music lesson productivity


  • Concentration
  • Listening
  • Frustration control