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It’s Like A Standing Ovation For The Brain

By practicing focus, kids can achieve almost anything they put their minds to. With the help of a supportive guide named Nigel, BrainBeat trains the brain to focus by clapping in tune with a beat at just the right speed—not too early or too late. The more kids train, the more their focus skills improve. Better focus can unlock unlimited potential.

Kids practice focus 20 min. each session, for 14 sessions

Our designated beat coach, Nigel, offers guidance and support.

Scoring, sounds and light cues provide instant, measurable feedback. Kids can set their own pace. Training grows more challenging as focus skills strengthen.

Each day introduces a new world to conquer, while focus skills improve. As their scores improve, kids earn fun badges of encouragement.

After completing the core 14-day training, kids can keep using BrainBeat to “maintenance-train” for important moments like the big ball game and standardized tests.