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Focus Can be Practiced & Improved

Cognitive focus plays a key role in everyday performance. And thanks to brain plasticity, the brain’s natural ability to adapt and change, everyone can learn to focus stronger. We designed BrainBeat to harness that ability to change for the better. It literally “rewires” the brain’s timing and rhythm to maximize learning and performance.

Prefrontal area: decision-making

Parietal Lobe: sight, sound and motion

Better Thinking Through Brain Syncing

BrainBeat improves brain timing and rhythm through real-time, millisecond feedback. By training the brain to focus solely on a target tone in frequent, intense timeframes, BrainBeat forces the neurons on both sides of the brain to talk to each other more efficiently. With practice, the areas of the brain that control functions such as attention and learning become more synchronized, like the inside of a clock. In other words, the brain learns to focus on demand. In younger brains, this can be especially powerful. And just like riding a bike, it’s a skill with staying power.

The Brainbeat Difference

BrainBeat technology has already helped thousands of people with more pronounced focus issues through Interactive Metronome®, a neurotherapy program used by more than 20,000 brain therapists and clinicians. For the first time, the same therapy used for Interactive Metronome® is now available to consumers for home use exclusively through BrainBeat.