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Shelley S.
Mom of Dylan, age 10
BrainBeat helped Dylan's self-esteem
Since my son started BrainBeat I have seen a major improvement in his attention and his ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. His grades have improved and I see a big difference in his self-esteem.
Carla G.
Mom of Patrik, age 10
We're all seeing a positive change in Patrik!
My son started BrainBeat in August and by the first week of September I had two tutors call me to ask "what are we doing differently".....the only thing we did differently was add BrainBeat to his routine!
Jenny J.
Mom of Parker, Age 5
BrainBeat helped Parker filter out distractions and pay attention.
Parker is a good student and smart kid but received negative marks in school due to poor behaviors. It was particularly hard for Parker to behave appropriately in an unstructured group setting. BrainBeat increased his focus and he is now able to filter out the distractions in the room and pay attention to his teacher and interact better with his peers.
BrainBeat helps me focus on what I am doing by listening to the beats.
Parker, Age 5
Caryn S.
Mom of Andrew, Age 9
Andrew is definitely more confident. Prior to BrainBeat he would rather be with adults or young children and now he is choosing daily to play with children his own age.
Andrew was forgetting to turn in assignments as school - most of which he had already completed and just forgot to turn them in. After BrainBeat he had better focus and organizational skills and started turning in his homework.
I am a true believer! This is something that is fun and beneficial for all children.
Maribel G.
Mom of Jaden, Age 10
Jaden did much better in school this year with BrainBeat.
He had a B average, which is a significant improvement from last year. I am very happy with the results.
Allison M.
Mom of Christian, Age 7
Christian developed "laser like" focus instantly.
For example, if he was asked to clean his room, he would stay on task until it was complete and did it with no drama. He immediately settled down at school and there were no more behavior issues.
Christian liked the thought of conquering worlds and that it was a fun game. It never occurred to him that this was brain training.
Jennifer T.
Mom of Spencer, Age 7 and Brayden, Age 9
My children understand things easier and faster. They are able to start tasks quicker and stay on task better.
We love the program and would recommend it to everyone. I would love to see it as part of the standard curriculum in schools to train a child's brain to learn.
M.B., Student
The program helped me concentrate more on tests.
It helped me focus more. When I take tests, I feel like I have more time and I can answer questions more quickly.