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The Benefits of Brain Training for Children

braintraining for children

As parents, we want to give our children the best possible future, and BrainBeat training can help make that a reality. 

BrainBeat is the world’s top brain-body training program to maximize your child’s potential.

The technology is backed by research at leading institutions like Harvard, Baylor University, and Northeastern University. The technology is used in the US armed services and the top hospitals in the nation.

brain training for children

Priming Your Child’s Brain For Success

Unlike brain training games for children, BrainBeat is in another league. Its training system comes with hardware and software and it works so well because the training engages mental, visual/sensory, auditory, and physically coordinated exercises simultaneously.

Combing these exercises simultaneously stimulates the brain at a foundational level, building stronger neural networks and improving brain processing speed, focus, attention, cognitive ability, timing, coordination, physical dexterity, and more.

BrainBeat primes your child’s physical and cognitive abilities, making everything they do easier and more effective.

BrainBeat training exercises get the brain functioning more smoothly, quickly, and in a more synchronized and harmonious way.

When the brain is primed and operating more efficiently, everything is easier for the child, which is why we see a wide potential range of improvements that can be made, from focus and learning to behavior and better emotional regulation.

BrainBeat is a global intervention, causing a wide range of downstream physiological and cognitive effects and improvements.

Is BrainBeat right for my child?

Improvements Parent’s Notice from Brain Training

The benefits of brain training for children build as the child continues training.

Parents frequently report these Improvements:

  • Learning becomes more effortless & interesting.
  • Recall is improved.
  • Hobbies are more immersive.
  • Reading and writing become easier.
  • Physical performance improves (more success in gymnastics, soccer, baseball, and all sports)
  • Music lessons, art classes, and creativity become more gratifying and enjoyable.
  • Behavior in the home and at school improves.
  • Children become more expressive & communicative.
  • Social interactions are easier.
  • Children become better emotionally regulated and in more control of their feelings.
  • Managing schedules, homework, and tasks gets easier.
  • Interests expand.
  • Overall, improvements are seen in well-being and happiness.

Excellent Training & Support!

BrainBeat is easy to use but really gives your child’s brain a workout! Kids need encouragement as the training gets more challenging and stimulates deeper changes.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Our in-game coaching and rewards system encourages your child to do their best to achieve rewards.

Our special email coaching series helps you get the most out of BrainBeat with tips, help, advice, and guidance.

The new Parent Dashboard lets you see your child’s progress & achievements in real time so you can cheer them on and celebrate as a family as they achieve new milestones of competence and ability.

The Ultimate Gift for Your Child

In just 15-20 minutes of BrainBeat training a day, you can help your child develop into their best self and prepare them for a successful life.

Join the growing number of parents who have given their children an advantage with BrainBeat.

BrainBeat comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee! So, why not give it a try?