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BrainBeat – The At-Home Executive Function Coach

Executive function skills are essential for academic and social success. But what are they?

Executive function skills enable us to plan, organize, prioritize, and complete tasks. They are also important for regulating our emotions, behaviors, and impulses.

Children with strong executive function skills are likelier to achieve their goals, handle stress and conflicts, and engage in positive relationships.

However, not all children develop these skills naturally or at the same pace, and that's where BrainBeat comes in.

BrainBeat is like an at-home executive function coach that can help develop stronger executive function skills in your child!

The Magic Behind BrainBeat's Brain Training

How it Works

The BrainBeat system consists of the following:

  1. The Beat Box (connected to your computer) runs the special BrainBeat gaming software and computes your child's training scores.
  2. The BrainBeat button is a device that a child taps or claps with, precisely measuring their ability to perform an action to a beat.
  3. Headphones so your child can practice distraction-free.
  4. BrainBeat Cloud - your child's training gets synced to the BrainBeat cloud and the Parent's Dashboard, so you can review their progress and cheer them on!
BrainBeat system components
BrainBeat dashboard gives you all the access you need.

As the child performs the exercise, BrainBeat provides real-time feedback on the child's performance of the exercises. This feedback encourages the child to adjust their rhythm and timing to synchronize their clapping or tapping precisely to the beat.

The games and exercises challenge the child's attention, memory, processing speed, and cognitive flexibility. As the child improves, the game becomes more challenging, forcing new neuronal growth and connections in the brain and enhancing the child's timing, attention, focus, and processing speed while strengthening deep neural networks in the brain.

The program is designed for children between the ages of 5-14, though older teens and adults who enjoy video games can also achieve substantial benefits.

History of BrainBeat

The BrainBeat program is based on research into the role of timing in the brain and how this impacts executive function skills.

Famed record producer James Cassily, who worked with artists such as Bob Seeger and Janis Joplin, originated the technology to help musicians improve their timing.

The program later advanced and drew from the research of Dr. Stanley Greenspan, a leading child psychiatrist, author, and director at the National Institute of Mental Health.

dr-stanley greenspan
Dr. Stanley Greenspan, child psychologist and Director of National Institute of Mental Health, working with a child

Through years of study and research, the importance of music and movement in developing executive function skills became apparent.

It was found that music and movement stimulate the brain's prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for executive function skills.

Combining music and movement with cognitive challenges, BrainBeat activates and strengthens the prefrontal cortex, improving executive function skills.

Six Reasons to Try BrainBeat

BrainBeat is a home-based training program that leverages the science of Interactive Metronome technology, a proven therapy tool used by over 40,000 clinicians worldwide.

6 Reasons to Try the BrainBeat Program:

  1. It is interactive and engaging 🎉, yet challenging. With fun and exciting challenges and rewards, combined with your encouragement, children can greatly improve their executive function skills 🧠.
  2. It is adaptable 🌟, allowing children to work at their own pace ⏱️ and level.
  3. It provides real-time feedback 🚀, allowing children to monitor their progress and adjust their sense of timing and rhythm in real-time. This causes amazing changes in the brain.
  4. It is evidence-based 🔍, meaning it is grounded in scientific research and has been tested in clinical settings.
  5. It can be used with other interventions 🤝, such as counseling, tutoring, and various forms of therapy, to enhance and amplify their effectiveness.
  6. BrainBeat comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee!

To get the most out of the BrainBeat program, children should use it for 15-20 minutes daily, at least three times a week.

Parents, teachers, and therapists can support children's use of the program by providing encouragement, guidance, and praise.


Executive function skills are crucial for children's academic and social success, and BrainBeat is an effective tool for improving these skills.

With BrainBeat, children can develop the executive function skills they need to thrive in school and life.

BrainBeat comes with a hassle-free, 60-day money-back guarantee, and the chances are that it will help.

So why not give BrainBeat a try?

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