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BrainBeat Conquer Helps Improve Reading Skills

One of the things many parents notice after their child uses BrainBeat Conquer is an improvement in his or her reading skills.  Some children may have had difficulties reading from the start, and others may not, but some improvement was often still observed by parents or teachers.

Many parents have asked us what is going on in the brain as a result of using BrainBeat that is improving their children’s reading skills.  Research suggests that performing exercises that require kids to keep a consistent beat helps improve the internal time clock in the brain. Timing in the brain, or what scientists call “temporal processing,” is responsible for focus, attention, reading comprehension, remembering information, processing speech and motor coordination. By training the brain to improve brain timing you can actually improve performance in all of these areas.

Our own research has shown this as well.  Children who used BrainBeat Conquer at a Boys and Girls Club in Santa Barbara, California, had a significant improvement in reading fluency – a 9 month or .6 grade improvement.  In addition, brain processing speed, which measures the speed at which the brain processes information, also improved by 16 months or 1.4 grades.  Brain processing speed can also contribute to reading fluency and comprehension. 

Diane S., from Valencia, California, also saw significant improvements in her son.   “After using BrainBeat, my son David will now sit down and read an entire book, which is something he would have never done because reading was so challenging before. The weight has certainly been lifted off our shoulders.”