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What is BrainBeat Conquer?

BrainBeat Conquer is a new computer-based cognitive trainer with advanced gaming technology that is scientifically proven to improve kids’ focus through engaging and interactive exercises. The program challenges them to self-train their brain by clapping in tune with a fixed beat while they conquer different animated worlds. As their timing improves, so does their ability to focus, which enhances learning, boosts engagement and quiets busy minds.

How does it work?

The “magic” is in the repeat effect of clapping to the beat. ‘Mastering the beat’ engages the decision-making (also known as the executive) area of the brain at the same time that rich gameplay engages the area handling visuals and sounds. Doing this repetitively syncs the brain [strengthening neural pathways, and creating new ones], helping kids concentrate longer and absorb information easier. Like riding a bike, the more kids do it, the better they get; and once they learn, they don’t forget.

Who is BrainBeat for?

BrainBeat is designed for children ages 6-12. It is appropriate for any child who could benefit from better focus and concentration. It can improve organization, concentration, ability to complete tasks independently, and improve academic performance.

How do kids use BrainBeat Conquer?

BrainBeat Conquer is a structured training system that kids are guided through, step-by-step, by an interactive tutor – or “designated beat coach” – named “Nigel.”

Kids train for fourteen 20-minute sessions. In each session they’re introduced to a new world to conquer, with each session growing more challenging as their focus skills strengthen. They receive instant, measurable feedback through scoring, sounds and light cues; and as their focus skills – and scores – improve, kids earn fun badges of encouragement.

How many kids can use BrainBeat Conquer?

Each BrainBeat Conquer unit allows up to 5 children. Each child can login as indivdual players.

How often do kids need to use BrainBeat to see results?

BrainBeat Conquer is comprised of 14 sessions or “worlds,” each of which takes 20 minutes to complete. We recommend that kids complete 2-3 sessions per week until the 14 worlds are completed. Once all sessions are complete, we recommend your child uses BrainBeat to “maintenance-train.”

If a child uses BrainBeat Conquer more than the 14 sessions will he see additional improvement?

Like any form of exercise, more is better (i.e., the more kids practice, the better their focus becomes; and, once they learn, they don’t forget.) Our research has shown, however, that when a kid completes the 14 session training following the recommended protocol of a minimum of 2-3 sessions per week there is a lasting effect to the training.

Should the 14 sessions be completed consecutively?

Kids don’t have to train 14 days consecutively and such a pace could run the risk of burning your child out.

How long is a “maintenance training” session?

Once all 14 sessions are complete, BrainBeat can be used to “maintenance-train” for important moments like a big test, or even non-classroom events like an important game or recital. Many kids use the program to ‘tune up’ their focus by going into free play mode and training for 5-10 minutes just a couple times a week. Some families use BrainBeat just before homework time and find their kids dial into completing their assignments faster when doing so.

What happens in the brain when kids use BrainBeat?

BrainBeat improves neurological timing and rhythm through real-time, millisecond feedback by targeting two areas of the brain: the ‘prefrontal or executive’ area (which controls attention) and the parietal lobe (which controls timing, sight, sound and motion). By training the brain to focus solely on a target tone in frequent, intense timeframes, BrainBeat helps these two areas communicate more efficiently. With practice, they become synchronized and the brain learns to focus on demand.

What are the benefits of BrainBeat?

Kids have a lot to process while trying to pay attention; and while everyone can benefit from better focus, some need it more than others.

For kids who might not be demonstrating their ‘best’ often enough in home and at school, BrainBeat training is an approach that delivers tangible results. Through better focus and timing, it has been proven to enhance academic, social and behavioral skills such as problem-solving, concentration, multi-tasking and more. It ultimately helps kids take on new challenges, achieve things that were difficult before and build confidence.

Is BrainBeat Conquer a game?

BrainBeat Conquer is a cognitive trainer that is built on a gaming system with advanced technology, so kids will be engaged as they’re challenged to conquer interactive worlds that stimulate the brain and arouse curiosity.

While it is slightly more sophisticated, much like a video or computer game, the program features animated visuals. Scoring, sounds and light cues provide instant, measurable feedback, and kids earn fun badges of encouragement as their scores improve.

What is the ideal location to train with BrainBeat?

Because training on BrainBeat requires dedicated concentration and constant engagement with feedback sounds, it’s best to designate a quiet place for children to train that’s relatively free of distractions (a TV, other siblings playing, etc.), if possible!

What differentiates BrainBeat from the other cognitive/brain training tools out there?

People are increasingly concerned with losing their cognitive capability as evidenced by the growing market in "brain fitness" programs that claim to work on attention, concentration and memory. But, these programs employ cognitive exercises alone.

BrainBeat is fundamentally different from the other tools and training out there in that it also synchronizes movement and coordination activities and engages multiple senses, addressing both cognitive and physical abilities at once – in an incredibly precise manner, which takes kids’ engagement to next level.

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Placing an Order: How can I place an order?

Currently, we only accept orders through our website.

Payment for Orders: What forms of payment are supported?

We accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and AMEX.

Changing an Order: Once I place an order can I change it in any way?

At this time, once an order is placed it is not possible to change it. We highly recommend checking your order prior to clicking the [CONFIRM ORDER] button.

Volume Orders: How many boxes of BrainBeat Conquer can I purchase in one order?

We currently support a maximum of 5 boxes per single order. Should you wish to order more than 5 boxes, please submit additional orders. For orders in excess of 20 boxes please call 954-670-0654 for bulk order support.

Secure Checkout: Is the checkout process secure?

Yes. We secure each transaction using the internet’s highest security measure Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) which encrypts data so that none of your personal information is exposed. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Damaged Goods: What should I do if my delivery is damaged?

If your box or BrainBeat system is damaged during shipping, please contact customer service immediately at 888-982-0288. Please have your order number along with your e-mail address ready. Proof of purchase is required.

Damaged Goods: Can I purchase replacement parts?

Yes, you can purchase the Beat Button and the Hand Strap on our website.

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Where do you ship to?

We ship to all 50 U.S. states.

Do you pay for shipping?

We do not pay for shipping. Shipping options are provided for you to decide how you would like BrainBeat Conquer to be shipped to you.

Are there shipping options?

Yes. We provide 3 tiers of shipping options:

Standard delivery
Unless an expedited service is requested, your order should arrive in approximately 5-7 business days after shipping.
Two-day delivery
Please note that two-day orders placed after 12:00 noon (EST) Friday, or on Saturday or Sunday will be processed Monday and should arrive in 2 business days after shipping.
Next day delivery
Please note that overnight orders placed after 12:00 noon (EST) Friday, or on Saturday or Sunday will be processed Monday and should arrive the next business day after shipping.
Alaska & Hawaii:
“Standard” delivery is not available. Shipment cost will be displayed, along with other costs related to the purchase, at the end of the order form prior to confirmation of the order.

When will my product ship?

Orders will generally ship within 5 business days unless otherwise noted. If an item is on backorder, it will ship out as soon as it is received. We do our best to ensure that backorders are a rare occurrence.

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What is your policy on returns?

Our goal is your total satisfaction. If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with your purchase, you can return the product with no penalty and no requirement to specify a reason within sixty (60) days from the order date. In connection with returning the product, you must obtain a return authorization code from Customer Care Service prior to returning the product. All materials must be intact in order to receive the refund. Accordingly, you must return all program components in their original packaging. Pre-paid shipping labels for return will not be provided; you are responsible for paying return shipping costs.

Please see complete details under Product Returns in our Terms and Conditions.

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Does BrainBeat run on both Windows and Apple computers?

Yes, BrainBeat runs on both and supports the following requirements:

Windows-Based Computers

Operating System – Windows 7
Processor – Intel P4 or better, AMD 3200 or better
Processor Speed – 1.8 GHz or better
RAM – 1 GB or more
Operating System – Windows 10
Processor – Intel Core 2 or better, AMD Phenom 2 or better
Processor Speed – 2.2 GHz or better
RAM – 3 GB or more

Apple OSX-Based Computers

Operating System – OSX 10.6
Processor – Intel Core 2
Processor Speed – 1.8 GHz or better
RAM – 2 GB or more
Operating System – OSX 10.13*
Processor – Intel Core “ix” Family (i3, i5, i7)
Processor Speed – 2.2 GHz or better
RAM – 4 GB or more
*Note: BrainBeat will not function on macOS 10.14 or higher

Do I need speakers to run BrainBeat?

Yes. In order to listen to the introduction video with your child you will want to use your laptop or computer speakers. For training, your child can use the supplied headphones or any headphones that have a standard headphone connector. See the “Getting Started” guide that came in the BrainBeat Conquer box for the correct set-up of headphones.

How do I install BrainBeat?

Insert the installation DVD into your computer and follow the screen instructions.

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What should I do if BrainBeat Conquer does not work?

We’re sorry if you are experiencing any technical difficulties. Please call 954-670-0654 to work through any technical issues.

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How do I subscribe?

At the top right of each page there is an envelope icon. Roll-over the icon and enter your email to sign up for news and updates.

How do I unsubscribe?

In every email you receive there is an unsubscribe link in the footer. Click the link to go through the process.

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Training Questions

How does my child play BrainBeat Conquer?

BrainBeat Conquer is a structured training system that your child will be guided through, step-by-step, by an interactive guide named “Nigel.”

Follow the set-up instructions in the “Getting Started” guide that came in the box and be sure to watch the introduction video with your child prior to starting. This video can be launched from the first screen that you see when BrainBeat starts up.

For more instruction on how to get the most out of training with BrainBeat please refer to the Product section of our website.